Cha Yen

The answer to coffee and tea drinks from around the world is Thailand's very own and very sweet cha yen. We admit, it's not a food, but it's certainly deserving of a spot on our list as it's so damn refreshing.

Though it is called Thai ice tea, the actual tea flavor is somewhat unrecognizable as it is overpowered by a huge portion of sweetened condensed milk and then heavily iced.
Look for one of the many stalls with 'Carnation' advertising plastered all over them and there is sure to be cha yen.
You will see small coffee/tea shops sprinkled all over Thailand. However, unlike in the US or Europe, Thai people like their iced tea on the go and take it with them in a small plastic bag with a straw sticking out. Very few people sit at the shop and drink it leisurely.
You can also order cha yen at all coffee stalls, drink stands or restaurants in Bangkok.

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