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Traditional Thai Puppet Theater

Traditional Thai Puppet Theater or "Joe Louis Theater." A puppet performance that you can not see else where in the world but Thailand. During performance, you will see the puppeteers will not stay behind the scene but be part of the scene as well. Traditional puppets gives performances of the Ramayana - the Indian epic tale. See the incredibly lifelike human movements of each puppet and see how the puppeteers bring their puppet to life

This is unlike any puppet performance you have ever seen. Instead of remaining behind screens during the performance, the puppeteers are an integral part of the show. Traditional puppets give performances of the Ramayana (or Ramakien in Thai), the Indian epic tale, drenched in all kinds of intriguing plots.

The traditional Thai Puppet Theater (Joe Louis) was created with the intention by Sakorn Yangkhieosot - the national artist In 1996 who wants to keep Thai Puppet arts not to disappear over time.

The puppeteers are classically trained dancers who imitate the movements of the puppets to literally bring them to life, capturing gestures and nuances. During the performance, the puppets are brought out into the audience. Hanuman the mischievous monkey king moves among the audience, while the female puppet cleverly charms the men. Even teenagers in the audience  will be suitably impressed.

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