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Saigon restaurant

Saigon restaurant offers a range of top-flight Vietnamese dishes in excellent authentic surroundings. All dishes are prepared by expatriate Vietnamese chefs.

Chequers Pub

With a regular crowd of expatriates serving as its clientele, Chequers has become a home away from home for many of its British customers. Just up the road from Nana Plaza, Chequers is a smallish place which ...

Q Bar

Q Bar is located at 34 Sukhumvit Soi 11 in Bangkok and is something of a legend with those seeking an upmarket and sophisticated club.

Bobby's Arms

Open nearly three decades Bobby's Arms is probably the best known British Pub in Bangkok. Recently renovated, the place is bigger than it was and probably a bit more functional than ...

Ramayana Restaurant

Savor the excellent graceful taste that awaits you. This international quality 550 seat buffet restaurant offers exquisite dining and refreshment to our visitors.

Austin Pub

No food here, so definitely a pub rather than a restaurant, and more of a British theme than a full on British pub. Despite this, Austin Pub still has a lot to offer. A spacious two storey building is ...


With 20 years of service under its belt, Akbar’s in one of the most established restaurants in Bangkok. What drives its popularity is a reputation for good food at a reasonable price.

Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is an authentic American bar which is entirely American owned. The bar serves excellent food including Cajun and Creole dishes

Hard Rock Café

As with Hard Rock cafes elsewhere in the world, the Bangkok Hard Rock is a tourist attraction in its own right. On an hourly basis you can see people queuing up to have their picture taken with the ...

Sala Thai

Sala Thai offers authentic Thai cuisine in serene surroundings which include greenery and lotus ponds.