Airport Skytrain Link

The Airport Skytrain Link is finally open for commercial traffic, which started on August 23, 2010 (after many rescheduled opening dates going back to 2009, and originally planned for a 2006 opening date). However, the stations are minimal at the time of this writing in late August 2010. The Airport Skytrain Link line is 28.6 km long and connects to the Phayathai BTS Skytrain station at its opposite end.

Officially known as the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link (SARL), it has also been called "the pink line" or "the red line", though I will continue to call it the Airport Skytrain Link.

However, the main station of the Airport Skytrain Link is the Makkasan Station located in-between, a huge station where you can check into your flight and check in your baggage so that you don't need to do so at the airport. This station is also called the City Air Terminal (CAT). It is located on Asoke-Ratchadapisek Road near the Petchburi MRTA subway station, discussed later on this page.

There are two kinds of trains: the nonstop Suvarnabhumi Airport Express which will take 15 minutes between Makkasan station and the airport, and the Suvarnabhumi Airport City Line commuter services which will stop at 8 stations altogether whereby the run all the way to the airport would take 30 minutes, as they've built 8 stations altogether to also serve commuters along the same line.

The vending machines for tickets were not working yet when the train opened up, but you could buy a ticket at the booth there. It was just 15 baht for the city line, any destination. For the airport express, which does not stop an any stations after Makkasan and goes at high speed, they told us 100 baht for a round trip ticket and apparently 100 baht for one-way, too, for tourists exiting Thailand who just toss their return ticket. Trains were departing every 15 minutes, but this was just one of the first days it was open, and the trains didn't have many people in them, so perhaps the wait between trains will go down as it becomes more popular. (I took the 15 baht line to see stations along the way.
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