Buses in Bangkok

You can go practically anywhere in the greater Bangkok metropolitan region by bus. Their scope is amazing. At the ends of some bus routes, you can hop to other means of transport to provincial hubs. The price is incredibly cheap.


    * CHEAP -- from 2.5 baht to 25 baht maximum from one edge of town to the other
    * Don't need to explain to taxi driver where to go; buses go most everywhere
    * Compared to driving, no need to find parking, deal with one-way routes, bad drivers, etc.


    * During rush hour, the buses are crowded with no seating
    * Pollution is bad on the roads waiting for the bus (sometimes heat, too)
    * Need a bus map in English; destinations written on bus are in Thai (some exceptions)
    * Slower than taxis, skytrain, motorcycle taxis, driving
    * Most buses stop service around 10-11pm (last one leaves station to start route at 10pm)
    * If you shop much, then better to carry your bags back via a taxi or your car than on a bus

For those without cars, the buses offer savings over taxi fares, and you might be amazed how much the savings add up over a week. For those with cars, alternative transport can relieve you from a lot of Bangkok road hassles and risks.

However, when you take the bus, I suggest you keep a few hundred baht in your pocket for a taxi ride home, along with your address written in Thai, in case you get hopelessly lost ... or carried away on your adventure into the night.