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Taxi in Bangkok

Perhaps the easiest and most comfortable way to get around, if not always the quickest, is by the aircon taxi. These come in quite a few different colours though the green-yellow and red-blue ones are the most common. Bangkok has thousands of taxis, and finding one at any time is never a problem. The occasional exception to this is during a monsoon season downpour. By international standards they're very cheap too, the flagfall rate is 35B (0.85 US$ approx) including the first 2km and it's 5B/km after that. This means that even relatively long journeys, such as from Sukhumvit to the Grand Palace often aren't above 100B (2.5 US$). A surcharge is applied in traffic jams (1.25B/m when moving under 6km/h), meaning at night when there's not much traffic they're definitely the best way of getting around.
Le bateau Calypso baie d'halong est un navire luxueux qui navigue dans les plus belles zones dans la baie